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The Hot Seat – Angela McGloin

angela ledleyEach month we’re going to be diving in to the minds of some of our members and getting to know them a little better.

Think of it as part awkward segment on Live and Kicking (remember that?) and part Metro interview.

This month to celebrate International Women’s Day we’ve spoken to life long Spurs supporter and founding member, Angela McGloin.

Hi Angela!

So, how long have you supported Spurs and which game was your first at White Hart Lane?

I’ve supported Spurs for 37 years, woman and girl. In the summer of 1978 after a very brief dalliance with Aston Villa, I decided that Tottenham Hotspur were the team for me. Looking back I think that this was mainly due to the arrival of Argentina’s World Cup winners Ardiles and Villa and the ‘Spurs Scoop The World’ headlines that came with them. It was all very glamorous! 

I waited 4 years for my debut at White Hart Lane. My brother put aside his own football loyalties (he’s an avid West Ham fan) to take me to my first game in February 1982. Spurs routed Wolves 6-1 with Ricky Villa bagging a hat-trick. It was also the day the new West Stand was opened, I remember the fireworks. It was the perfect game and I was captured. 

Who is you all-time favourite player and who do you favour in the current squad? 

My favourite player of all time is Glenn Hoddle. His fantastic vision, sublime passing, breath-taking free kicks, balance and poise and of course his wonderfully cool untucked shirt made him for me the best of his generation. I have a few favourites in the current squad. Lloris is a great goalkeeper and seems like a thoroughly nice fella. Eriksen is a classic Spurs player and Kane is an exciting prospect but Nabil Bentaleb is my great hope for the future. 

What is your most memorable Spurs-supporting moment? 

That night in Milan when Gareth Bale announced his arrival on the world stage with those three replica goals against Inter. Although we lost the game it felt like a victory and the celebrations in the hotel bar afterwards went on until the early hours, singing Spurs songs like we’d won the Champions League!

What do you most like about supporting Spurs? 

The glory in victory and defeat. I always say it takes a special kind of person to be a Spurs fan! It’s not always enjoyable but when it is there’s nothing quite like it!

Why did you join Proud Lilywhites?

I joined the Proud Lilywhites to have a wider circle of people to meet up with on a match day and maybe to travel with to away games.

Finally what would you want to see the Proud Lilywhites achieve in the next year? 

It’s been a great first year and I’m proud to be an original member of the Proud Lilywhites. I have always felt comfortable at White Hart Lane but I appreciate that not all LGBT fans share my experience. Looking forward, I would like to see the Proud Lilywhites continue their work helping to make our club welcoming to all.

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