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We hope you all are well in these weird times. All of us are adapting to the current circumstances, so we wanted to let you know that we’re planning a few online events to take place in the next month or so.

All our events will be free to join. 

To find out how to join us with these (and any new events coming up) – make sure you are registered to our emails. You can sign up here if you haven’t already to stay connected with us.

Our first event is on the 8th April 2020 – ‘Talking Tottenham on a Wednesday Night’. You just need to be a registered member & follow the email instructions. There are a few events you can register for already.

If you would like to make a donation to help us cover the cost of the tech, it would be most appreciated, but it is not necessary in order to take part.

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Be safe, and keep well.

Hotspur Seat – Tiffany Rose Bance

Tiffany Rose Bance

How long have you supported spurs? Tell us about the first game you saw

I have been a Spurs fan since I was 7 or 8 when my cousin took me to a game vs West Spam in ’83/’84. It was a replay in the cup and we lost it 2-1! My brother, who was about 10 at the time, trained with the likes of Gary Stevens and Chris Waddle and a few others during the summer and that’s another big reason why I became a Spurs fan. If those players had the time to teach, and to give back to the youngsters then this must be a great club. I have always supported them ever since!

Who is your all-time favourite player? Who is your current favourite?

My all time favourite players are Ledley King and Gary Mabbutt. I would say my current favourite players are Harry Kane, Heung-Min Son, Toby Aldeweireld and our captain Hugo Lloris.

What is your most memorable Spurs-supporting moment?

The best moment has to be the semi final vs Ajax (Away). It showed what it all meant to the whole team – what passion! And of course, seeing Mauricio Pochettino down on his knees.

And finally, why did you join the Proud Lilywhites?

I joined the Proud Lilywhites so that I can interact with fellow fans, as recently I came out as transgender and this is a great way to make new friends.

You can follow Tiffany here:

Instagram  @tiffanybance

Twitter @bancetiffany

Hotspur Seat – Matt Earl

Matt Earl – January 2020

How long have you supported spurs? Tell us about the first game you saw

I’ve been a spurs supporter all my life – 25 years and counting! It all began with my Dad, who was a Gordon Banks fan, but living in Kent and with him playing in Stoke it was impossible to get the shirt. His parents bought him an England shirt, which in the days before sponsorship was also the same shirt used by Spurs. The support began there and was passed down a generation.

Who is your all-time favourite player? Who is your current favourite?

My all-time favourite player is probably Gareth Bale. In my opinion, the most talented Spurs player that I have seen live. One game in particular was a Europa League game at home to Lyon, being in the stands as the last kick of each half was a free kick into the top corner to win 2-1. Amongst the current team, I have a particular soft spot of Harry Winks. He wears the shirt with such immense pride whilst taking it all in his stride and plays with true grit and determination.

What is your most memorable Spurs-supporting moment?

The most memorable Spurs supporting moment has to be the Moura third goal! My local pub to this day still has light fittings missing after being broken during the pandemonium from the Spurs fans celebrating it! (Photo used is from that iconic CL final day)

Why did you join the Proud Lilywhites?

I joined the Proud Lilywhites to show solidarity to the LGBT+ fans within football. A voice to prove that it’s OK to support who you want on and off the pitch!

And finally, what would you want to see the Proud Lilywhites achieve in the next year?

I would love to see the Proud Lilywhites continue to grow and be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with all the players at Lane. Seeing the Proud Lilywhites represented on the pitch more often than not!

You can follow Matt here:

Instagram  @mattearluk
Twitter @mearl94


Let’s start the weekend together

Like all Spurs fans, we’re looking forward to today’s clash against Chelsea. However, unlike all other Spurs fans, we’re also approaching the game with an impending fear of dread at the prospect of hearing the ‘Chelsea Rent Boy’ chant.

Let’s not kid ourselves that the ‘rent boy’ chant is somehow not homophobic.  If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be sung, and as with the antisemitic and racist chants and noises – they’re sung precisely to be insulting and hateful.  It’s also exposing a new generation of young fans to words and terms that provoke questions they shouldn’t have to ask.

The chant has been heard at grounds this season and whilst we are certain that the majority of fans don’t sing this with any intent to make LGBTQ+ fans, feel uncomfortable, ostracised or demeaned, the impact it has on us shouldn’t be underestimated as the term has been used over many years to victimise young gay men; it’s disappointing to hear it chanted when Chelsea play. We hope we won’t hear it on Sunday.

We’re Spurs, and should be better.

We know from our great work with our Club that they are completely supportive of the Proud Lilywhites and our global LGBTQ+ fan base.  They are committed to ensuring our stadium is a safe and inclusive environment for all fans and won’t tolerate any form of discriminatory behaviour. We’re proud to be part of a club that fights all forms of discrimination – on and off the pitch, and the support we get from fellow fans echoes this.

We all love this game and we want to win matches and trophies, but we want to do it with style. Homophobic language, when unchallenged, can have consequences: together, we have to be the change we want to see. Making change, fan by fan if necessary, is why we’re here and we won’t rest until we’ve done it.

Should you hear or experience anything you consider to be unacceptable, or that goes against the Spurs Respects ethos you can report it to the Club following the guidance below:

Should you witness behaviour that is abusive or discriminative then please report it immediately either via a steward or by messaging confidentially on 07537 404821. These messages are received directly by the safety team at the match and enable the Club to take immediate action. 

You can also use the Kick it Out app and we would also appreciate it if you could contact us through our contact form HERE so that we can continue to work with the Club to eradicate homophobia in our amazing Club.

We all want the team to do well and keep up their spirits during this tough period, so let’s start the weekend together.

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