Proud Lilywhites on TV

Proud Lilywhites Co-Chair Chris Paouros and founding member Simon Gray appeared with Troy Townsend on his weekly chat show “From Grassroots to Premier League”.

We discussed who we are, what we do, what we think can be done to combat discrimination in football and where we believe we can make a difference in the future of football.

The show was broadcast live on Freeview HD and YouTube on Tuesday evening.  The videos below are the highlights!

Part 1 – Who are the Proud Lilywhites and what we do.

Part 2 – Why do we exist and what are we trying to change.

Part 3 – We discuss recent fan incidents

Part 4 – What next for the Proud Lilywhites

Click here to see more of Troys interviews on his YouTube playlist.

Click here to see us on the Tottenham Hotspur website

Click here to see us on the Guardian website


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