Proud Lilywhites – Proud Champions

This #RainbowLaces, we are PROUD to launch Proud Lilywhites’ Proud Champions.

We are building a network of Spurs supporter groups and Spurs podcasters that will be Champions for the Proud Lilywhites and our members across the globe. From Barnet to Buenos Aires, we want to have a safe space for our members to be able to watch their beloved Spurs whilst knowing they’re in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Being a positive voice for LGBTQ+ inclusion is something we care deeply about, and becoming a Proud Champion shows commitment to upholding these values. As well as promoting our key campaigns, our Proud Champions are also providing a visibly safe space for LGBTQ+ folk within their group. Being a positive voice for inclusion and diversity is key to helping LGBTQ+ Spurs fans feel safe and welcome when following our team.

Our Proud Lilywhites’ Proud Champions will be:

  • invited to online and in-person events
  • able to show their LGBTQ+ members that when they come to the UK they know we will provide an open and welcoming space for them to watch Spurs
  • able to have their lead Proud Champion join us in meetings so we can equip and enable their allyship/ championship
  • part of a Proud Champions WhatsApp group for calls to action 
  • able to share a new logo that can be used on social media or on their OSC website

Becoming a Proud Champion

We are PROUD to have this affiliation throughout our Spurs family, and encourage Supporters’ groups and Podcasts to join us as a Proud Champion. To register your group’s interest, nominate a Proud Champion individual from your group through our contact form HERE.

Proud Champions – Supporters’ Groups

Proud Champions – Podcasts

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