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Month of Action continues at the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation

image4Proud Lilywhites engages students from the Club’s Community Foundation in a session to support the Football v Homophobia month of action.

With Olympian Helen Richardson-Walsh, our co-Chair Darryl led a class to students on the Sports Development course during their regular equalities module.

The aim of the day was to raise awareness about the roots of homophobia and how to deal with it in a sports setting.

Allison Sharman from the Community Foundation told Proud Lilywhites that the presentation ensured that the learners acquired information about homophobia, its roots and how we might work towards effecting change but also gave them the opportunity to engage in open and honest discussions about their existing thoughts and views.”

Darryl Telles, also commented that “It was great to talk to the students and share our experience and understanding of homophobia. I feel assured that the upcoming generation of sports coaches will appreciate the need for LGBT equality.”

The pictures below show Co-Chairs Darryl Telles, Chris Paouros, our Patron Helen and Communities Officer Daniel Harvey with students in the Learning Zone at White Hart Lane.

image16  image12image9

We’re all Fans for Diversity at the North London Derby

As part of the build up for the North London Derby, Proud Lilywhites hosted a stand to promote Fans for Diversity in Tottenham Square before the big match.

Preceded by a pitch side photo call, a number of volunteer members gave out Proud Lilywhite branded sweets and stickers, Kick it Out badges and information packs together with flyers letting fans know how they can be a Fan of Diversity in football.

The message being given to fans was that everyone can be a Fan of Diversity and that no matter what your gender identity or sexuality, hate and abuse has no place in football and we can all play our part in kicking discrimination out of the game.

In addition, the resounding victory on the pitch brought a happy conclusion to our trifecta of events; following a win over the Gay Gooners in the pub quiz and our 5-a-side game, the first eleven secured the hat-trick for a memorable week.

We were also delighted to see the Proud Lilywhite flag in pride of place inside the ground, which was seen by millions on TV during the broadcast. Many positive comments were received by the team and messages of support were shared on social media through out the day. Here’s a selection of our favourites:

@flackjo: @SpursLGBT Thanks for the sweet today….they must be good luck! You will have to hand them out at every game!

@rnendick: @SpursLGBT loving seeing the rainbow flag at Spurs today on #btsport

@delme_cupido: @SpursLGBT Saw banner on Telly here in #SouthAfrica today we are all #proudlilywhites

The team were joined by members from the Spurs Disabled Supporters Association and Kick It Out’s CEO Roisin Wood.  Photos of the day are below.

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal - Barclays Premier League   Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal - Barclays Premier League   Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal - Barclays Premier League

Celebrate Fans for Diversity with Proud Lilywhites.

This February Proud Lilywhites, the official LGBT supporters association of Tottenham Hotspur are hosting a number of events to kick discrimination out of football.

Following our successful event in October 2014 supporting FARE, Proud Lilywhites will be marking the Kick It Out ‘Season of Action’ and Football v Homophobia month of action.

We have already held two of our three key events in the Tottenham area to raise awareness of the association, celebrate our first anniversary, and promote diversity in football.

Sunday 1st February – Our first annual pub quiz against the Gay Gooners.

More than 30 people packed the Beehive in Tottenham for the first of our FvH month of action events.  

In what is expected to be an annual fixture, the Proud Lilywhites routed the Gay Gooners 50-35 in our first head to head pub quiz.  Over eight rounds of questions including a difficult cryptic set, we battled hard to claim the first prize of the week as we built up to the 5-a-side on Tuesday and the Kick It Out Season of Action game on Saturday.

We were delighted to also welcome teams of local players and the London Romans, our local LGBT football team.

Tuesday 3rd February – We go 5-a-side against the Gay Gooners.

The Proud Lilywhites took on the Gay Gooners, with special guest referee Steffen Freund, at Frederick Knights Sports Ground in Tottenham. The final score was a resounding 7-1 victory for Proud Lilywhites!

Tottenham Hotspur TV and The Guardian Sport were present and have since both published articles and video on their respective websites and promoted these on their social media channels:

Saturday 7th February – The main event! Tottenham v Arsenal – Season of Action game.

The Club have chosen this game as their designated Kick It Out ‘Season of Action’ game and will be showcasing their anti-discrimination work.

Proud Lilywhites and Kick It Out will be hosting a stand in Tottenham Square before the 12.45pm kick off.  This is located on the north west corner of the ground handing out leaflets, sweets and stickers to raise awareness of the supporters group.

Donna Cullen, Executive Director of Tottenham Hotspur said:  “It is unacceptable that anyone’s sexuality or gender should be an issue in an era and a world where being different isn’t that different and individuality is embraced. We as a Club are committed to promoting equality and inclusion for all groups and cultures that exist within our diverse and vibrant community. For Spurs, success will be ensuring an environment where every fan, player and match official is free from any form of discrimination.”

Simon Gray, Communications Officer of Proud Lilywhites stated:  “Tottenham is well known for its rich ethnic and cultural diversity; extending this to encourage and welcome LGBT supporters demonstrates that Spurs really is a place for everyone to enjoy football regardless of sexuality or gender identity. Homophobia is the last bastion of discrimination on the terraces and we are proud to work with our fellow supporters who stand with us to rid this hate from our national game.”

In addition, during the month of February:
• Co-chair Darryl Telles will be delivering LGBT diversity training to Sports Coaching degree students studying with the Tottenham Hotspur Community Foundation.
• Our other co-chair Chris Paouros has been invited to speak on the panel discussion as part of Women in Football’s LGBT History month activities.

We will be actively promoting Proud Lilywhites during these events and would love to have your support.

Please follow and share content from our website http://www.proudlilywhites.uk and for FvH Month of Action http://bit.ly/pl-fvh2015 and social media sites referencing @spurslgbt using hashtag #FvH2015 through your channels.

Do let us know if you need more content for editorials.

Proudlilywhites support London Romans – 14th Dec

Fancy a double header of Sunday football on the 14th December?

Proud Lilywhites can show their support for our local LGBT football team The London Romans FC and watch their away match v Titans 2 Brewers on Clapham Common.

If you were considering donning some boots in the future this would be a great opportunity to meet up with the team management.

After the match we will all decamp to a reserved area at The Alexandra pub for a joint social to watch Spurs play Swansea on the Big Screen at 4pm.  http://alexandraclapham.com/  (please note that this is a change in venue to that advertised in the November e-Bulletin)

For both socials if you would like to come along please contact Suart using the form below:


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